Clyde the Bear & The Spaghetti Factory

Final Draft, All rights reserved


By James P. Mullen

Clyde the Bear was walking through the wood along the edge of the City, when he heard his belly rumbling. Clyde decided he would follow his nose, to find out where it would lead him.

Clyde stood up on his hind legs and took a deep sniff. He smelled something good. It was all spicy and sweet smelling, but not like honey. He got back down, and crossed a street to see what it was that smelled so good.

Clyde walked around to the back of a building, where some people were getting big bags off the back of a truck. They took one look at Clyde, and started to scream and shout. Clyde tried to be friendly, waving at them, but they got even more scared and got into the truck, and went away. Clyde went up to the bags, and took some sniffs. Nope, that wasn't the good smelling stuff. He saw an open door, and he went in.

Inside, it was all shiny. Big Tables were there, stacked with tomatoes and garlic, and green stuff. There was a fire going over on a stove, and the smell of sausages cooking filled the room. There was a big sink, with lots of dishes next to it. There was humming and werzing, and it was all very exciting for Clyde. He didn't know where to look next; there was so much going on.

On the stove, there were several big pots. Clyde snuffled one, which looked like it had a bunch of worms dancing around inside it. It kind of smelled right, but he didn't want to eat a bunch of Worms... so he looked at the next pot. The next pot was full of Red Stuff that smelled very, very good.

Clyde grabbed the pot by the sides very carefully, and pulled it into his lap. Even through his fur, it felt hot. He snuffled it experimentally. It smelled okay. He took a careful lick. It tasted good! So he started to eat.

Clyde the Bear ate and ate, until her could not eat any more. While he ate, he got messier and messier. Spaghetti Sauce was everywhere! Clyde could feel it sticking to his face, and his paws. He was a very dirty bear.

He got up, and licked his lips. He was thirsty! Clyde wandered around, and found... the sink! The Sink was filled with water, with funny clear balls in it. They popped when he brushed his nose against them. They tickled a little, and Clyde sneezed. The balls flew into the air, flying around. Clyde tried to catch one, but they all broke too easy.

Clyde stuck his nose into the water, and started to lap it all up. It tasted kind of funny, though. It didn't make him feel any less thirsty. So Clyde moved to the door, and started to head back to the woods.

Funny thing is, for hours later, people could see little red bubbles flying through the woods, and Clyde the Bear, trying to catch them as they came out of his mouth.