Boy, is this all out of date! Sorry folks, will update all links very soon, I promise you (Kensan, 2/24/03)

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McCannas Web Art provided some of the icons at this site.

The following links are provided by yours truely. They are the places I frequent the most


Google - Best Web Directory in the World. You can find anything here.

Yahoo - Not the Best Web Directory in the World, but has many more useful functions.

MP3 - Support your local independent artists! You never know where you will find something to keep you inspired!

Writing: - Money grubbing IPS... however, they did publish me. *grin*


YERF - A site for Furry Artwork!

Elfwood - The site for you non-furs out there.

How to Construct a Celtic Knotwork
Just as is says. Fun for all.


Wizards of the Coast - Most Everyone has to bow down to the new Octopus of the block, but they still are doing good by me.

Townhall - The site for open discussions on any gamming topic

Eric Noah's 3E Site - The man who keeps his ears deep inside the back corners of the D&D publishers

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