Clyde the Bear and the Octopus

Told through James P. Mullen
6/14/99 © James P Mullen

        One day, Clyde the bear was walking along the beach. He was content in his bearish fashion, listening to the waves crash apon the beach, watching the turtles scramble on shore, and feeling the cool sea breeze pass over him. Eventually, after wandering about, Clyde came across a pool, in the middle of some rocks, along the beach.

        Now, Clyde is a curious type, and he wondered what was in that pool of water. So, he did what comes naturally. Clyde stuck his nose into the water.

        Oh, it was bueatiful. Schools of small fish swam around admist the rocks, and little enities were blossoming like bright little flowers. Starfish moved with the tide along the bottom of the pool. Clyde was very happy with himself, and lifting his nose to take a whiff of fresh air, he stuck his head back into the pool, and admired some more.

        As Clyde stuck his muzzle back into the water, a dark form touched his nose. Startled, Clyde pulled back his nose, and as he did, eight arms wrapped around his mouth, and up came a Octopus, who was increadibly startled by the big bear.

        Clyde, still being startled, said "Et e o! Et e o!". Which in bear speak with a octupos wrapped around it's muzzle is, "Let me go! Let me go!".

        Meanwhile, the octopus said "woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh!" Which means in octopus, "Put me back! Put me back!"

        Clyde cautiously put his nose one more time underwater, and the octopus let go. The Octopus, whose curiosity was more then satisfied, left quickly,. running and hidding in a little hole nearby.

        Clyde backed away from the pool, and decided that some things were just not ment to be known to bears. Clyde wandered back to his home in the woods, and vowed never to visit the little pool again.

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