A lot of things happen in my life, and not all of them are easy to get out. Sometimes, the only way to tell things they way they really are is to write them out in a story. This page contains a few fables, a couple of poems, and other things. They sometimes are funny, sometimes are really depressing, and a lot of them are just plain weird. I like them weird. In anycase, in no particular order...

WHY THE WOLF HOWLS: A fable about realizing your mistakes, and of loss.
THE MEDICINE MAN AND THE RAINBOW: A story about being in love.
THE JOYREAVER: My version of the Christmas Story. About redemption.
CLYDE AND THE OCTOPUS : Goofy Clyde decides to take a walk.
ORC SONG: A spoof loosely based of off Magic the Gathering
THE BOY AND THE SEASHORE: Another poem, very dark.
Clyde And The Spaghetti Factory: A Clyde the Bear story. Childish and silly.


      Sometimes stories take a long time to finish, or you get to a point where you don't know how to finish them. So here are the stories that I haven't finished, and probably won't get around to finishing. If you can add some insight to any of them to help them reach a finish, please let me know here.

      FREAK SHOW I, FEILD TRIP: I had created this carecter in one of my White Wolf games, and I just couldn't let it go, so I made a story for it. All it is missing is a way to resolve it without it sounding to corny.

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