The Orc Song

By James P. Mullen

Done to a Calypso Beat.

Gotta get up this morning,
Gotta get up at eight,
Gotta get up this moment,
Sorceress says I'm late.

Don't wanna go work,
I forgot what I ate,
Don't wanna go work,
Dragon's a power eight!

But she say's get up (go work)
Get up! (go work)
and don't you dare be late!
But she says get up (Go Ork)
Get up (Go Ork)
Should've had a v-8.

Seiging Castle by Daylight,
Stone Raining all the day.
Seiging Castle by Daylight
Just to earn my pay.

Don't wanna go Work,
Mana changes fate,
Don't wanna go work,
The easy life this ain't



[Intermental! Drum Solo! Lots of Painful sounds...]

Now the day is over,
No more castle gate,
Now the day is over,
Gorsh, it's getting late.

Gotta get in bed early,
Sorceress is irrate,
Gotta get in bed early,
The Elves move at eight!

Soon she says get up, (Go work)
Get up! (go work)
And don't you dare be late,
Then I get up (Go ork)
Get up! (Go Ork)
And smash her through a plate!

I wanna Sleep!

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