Okay, so I haven't really gotten around to making a lot of Feats. For the most part, I am happy with the ones that have been in the books, and haven't been trying to do anything too outragous. Usually if I want to do that, I just invent a new class. However, I did come up with a couple, and if you have any ideas for others, please let me know here <>, and I'll add it to the collection.



Prerequests: Spellcaster Lvl 10+, Abiltiy to cast Animal Freindship
Bonus: You are allowed to cast Animal Freindship on non-magical beasts. Each beast befreinded counts twice towards your Animal Allowance. Some beasts may not be able to be befreinded, at the DM's option.
Normal: Normally, Animal Freindship only affects Animals



Prerequests: Chr 15+
Bonus: You have a empathic connection to a Psuedodragon, who maintains a life long freindship with the owner. In all ways, it is considered a Animal Companion. A charecter with Summon Familuar may subsitute their Familaur with the PsuedoDragon. If the Psuedodragon dies, the player can find another one to befreind, taking a week to find a new nest.
Normal: Normally, one would have to find a PseudoDragon and use Handle Animal to train it.

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