I have been gaming for what seems like forever. My mother and father used to play D&D with the old Blue Box set, and they played it so much, that it just was natural that I wanted to play. I remember my first charecter throwing a latern down the stairs, burning up everyone. I was too young to know that lanterns were not like flashlights. Oh well.

        I tend to think that I have improved much since those humble beginings. Even though I do not always like the games I play, I always have a idea about what I could do with them. The following pages you will find Scenario Ideas, Scenarios, Charecter Enhancers (Classes, Feats, Spells, ect.) that I have come up with, and new things to encounter.

Dungeons & Dragons, 3E:

          These pages will tend to contain almost all my new ideas.


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Prestige Classes -Dragoons, BeastRiders, and others

Feats - Beastial Companion, Psuedo-Dragon Companion, and so on.

Spells - Ray Deflection, with more to come.

Monsters - Monsters from dreams and nightmares, and more

Races of Vortex - A project from WebRPG.

Other Games:

      I tend to like a lot of games I never play, such as Everway, Marvel SAGA, and Ironclaw. Although empty at this time, when I think of something to put in there, you will know about

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