Probably one of the coolest features of the new D&D game, and one of the most underused on a personal level is the Prestige Classes. Prestige classes allow the game master to modify and make things that are special for the players. Even though there are the new Class books, which all contain Prestige Classes, it still lacks a little bit of a personal touch. Even though the classes are nice and fun, very few immulate things I've read about or seen on TV. There are some cool ideas that just haven't been gotten around to yet.

      In anycase, occasionally I get all fired up and say, "Yeah, I want a charecter who can do *that*", and I spend about a hour or three and get a class done. Not every class on this page has been tested, and on each page, it will be told if the class is in first draft, balanced draft (where it has been in several revision, and matches the power levels, but still hasn't been played), or Playtested.

Dragoons of Mystia: Valient Warriors who defend against the attacks of Dragons.

Initiate of the Herodrum: Learned Elementalist who unlock the secrets of the Heavens

Beast Rider - A person who has raises and rides unussual beasts.

Gnomish Bolter: A fighter who keeps his wits with his crossbows.

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