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05/umm/2004: Califur People, LOOK HERE!

11/13/2002: Oh my! It's been THAT long?? Well, in anycase, go visit the Art page. It'll change occasionally, and it's finally up! Will update other pages as I start to think of things you might wanna see or hear.

05/17/2001: Added 1 monster and Prestige Classes. Fixxed bugs.

05/21/2001: Updated Writings Section. Joined 3E D&D Webring.

05/23/2001: Filled in a lot of the Blanks. Added Beast Rider.

05/25/2001: Added a new Demon, and Mist Heyrex in Monsters.

06/15/2001: Been busy looking for work. Added Races of Vortex to Gaming.


          Personal pages tend to bite, so I'll just cut to the chase. I am a big fan of a lot of things, and I tend to get a lot of ideas that I don't use or don't finish. Call me a schrizophrinic if you want, but that is just the way I am. So, that's why I have created this page. It's the page where I can put the stuff I don't get a chance to use, and let you see it and let it inspire you, or make you go, "I can do better then that!" And proceed to show me off.

          So, I'm going to use this space to show off whatever idea that I like at this time. I have choosen to seperate this into several sections.


          This is where you are going to find most of my items. At this time, all the items pertain to 3E, but eventually I will get around to adding items for White Wolf and other games.


          This section is where I place my arts that I have created.


          A place to finnaly put up all my stories and poems that I have written. You did know that I am a published writter, right? Well, I haven't had a chance to sell everything, so what that gives me a chance to share it with the rest of you.


This is the opening for a new webpage I am working on. It's not complete yet, but it looks cool. Check it out.


          While at this time, I am the only one on this page, i would love to see contributions in the ways of ideas, artwork, doodles, or just about anything else you think would be neat or helpful. So this is where I will put your name and links to your home pages at. Even though no one has contributed anything, that doesn't mean we are all empty. Find links to some of my most vistied sites here!

Think this page Sucks? Kicks Chocobo? Think you have something to contribute? Write to me!

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